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  • Taiwan's capital, Taipei, is situated at the country's northern tip.


  • The city sits in a basin between the Central and Yangming Mountains, and is surrounded by the larger, but quite distinct, New Taipei City.

    這座城市座落於中央山脈和陽明山之間的盆地,被比它佔地面積更大,但是特質上明顯不同的新北市所環繞 。

  • In recent decades, Taipei has busily transformed itself into one of the region's most livable cities and into one of Asia's premier travel destinations.

    近幾十年來,台北快速轉型為最適合居住的城市之一,也是亞洲最棒的旅遊景點之一 。

  • Today, Taipei has one foot striding towards a futuristic utopia and the other respectfully rooted in ancient Chinese traditions.


  • It's easy to fall in love with this friendly city.


  • The aroma of Chinese street food fills the air.


  • Scooters and bicycles roll the streets.


  • And surrounded by nature, tranquility is never more than a bus ride or hike away.


  • Start your day with a slice of classic Taipei.


  • Situated in the city's oldest neighborhood, Wanhua, the Longshan Temple is the spiritual heart of Taipei.


  • It's a place where generations of locals have come to seek a good fortune, health, and even guidance on who to marry.


  • Taiwan's political heart is the district of Zhongshan.

    台北市政治核心則位於中山區 (網友更正是在中正區)。

  • The Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall honors the memory of former president of the Republic of China.

    中正紀念堂是為紀念中華民國前總統 蔣中正先生所建。

  • Memorial Square is also home to one of the city's most important cultural sites, the National Concert Hall, a stunning example of neo-classical Chinese architecture.


  • Just a short stroll away is 228 Peace Park, a tranquil memorial to the 1949 uprisings that sowed the seeds of Taiwan's independence.

    不遠處就是二二八和平公園,一座平靜的公園,紀念著 1949 年促進台灣獨立的二二八事件。

  • Step even further back into Taiwan's past at the National Taiwan Museum and discover the country's rich natural, cultural, and political history.


  • Hop on Taipei's excellent MRT and head to the National Palace Museum, home to the world's greatest collections of Chinese art and antiquities.


  • There are plenty of riches to be found on Taipei's streets too.


  • Enjoy the blooms and haggle for jewelry at the flower and jade markets.


  • Hunt down bargains in giant department stores like SOGO, or cruise the smaller boutiques and restaurants in Yongkang Street.

    也可以去像是 SOGO 這樣的大型百貨公司尋找特價商品,或是悠遊在永康街的特色小店和美食餐廳之間。

  • Once you've explored Taipei's streets, rocket to the heavens aboard the high-speed elevators of Taipei 101, one of the world's tallest skyscrapers.

    探索過台北的街頭後,你可以前往台北 101 享受子彈般快速升降的電梯,它是全世界最高的摩天高樓之一。(曾於 2004 年 12 月 31 日至 2010 年 1 月 4 日間擁有「世界第一高樓」的紀錄)

  • While some have suggested that the design resembles a stack of noodle boxes, the tower is widely regarded as a stunning example of oriental revivalist architecture.

    雖然有人覺得台北 101 的建築設計像是層層堆疊的泡麵盒子,但它普遍被認為是東方復古主義建築的美麗代表作。

  • There are plenty of natural vantage points around the city too.


  • Just a fifteen-minute walk from Taipei 101 is Elephant Mountain, the most accessible of the city's peaks.

    象山距離台北 101 只要 15 分鐘路程,那裡是這座城市最易攀登的山峰之一。

  • There are no high-speed lifts here, but the 20 minute climb to the top is worth it, especially at sunset.

    這裡沒有高速電梯,但是花 20 分鐘登頂還是相當值得的,尤其是在日落時分。

  • For more great views, head to Maokong Mountain.


  • The mountain's gondola service starts at the Taipei Zoo, the largest zoological collection in Asia.


  • This zoo holds a special place in the hearts of locals, and the animals are treated like members of Taipei's extended family.


  • From the zoo, step aboard a gondola and glide over the forest canopy to Maokong Mountain.


  • With villages and temples to explore, Maokong makes a fabulous day trip.


  • As an important tea growing area, it's also the place to learn the finer points of tea tasting and appreciation.


  • You'll have to walk to get to Taipei's highest peak, Mount Qixing which lies just to the north of the city in the Yangmingshan National Park.


  • Climb the one thousand steps, up through the subtropical forest and into the grassy highlands that gave the area it's original name - Grass Mountain.


  • All that hiking and mountain air can build up an appetite.


  • So when it's time to return to the city, head to the Shilin Night Market.


  • At times it seems half the population is here, doing what Taipei locals do best,


  • enjoying great food, hunting down bargains and simply enjoying their incredible city.


Taiwan's capital, Taipei, is situated at the country's northern tip.


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