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What's up, guys? It's Jeffrey, how's everybody doing? So last week I uploaded a video
and in its my dad rudely interrupted me.
But you know, it's cool. I didn't really mind at first until i started to read
the comments and realize that hundreds of you guys paid more attention to my
dad instead of me.
He appeared for barely three seconds and already some of you were confessing your
love for him, and then i read this comment, That, that's when I I lost it.
plus it has 61 thumbs up? You know what, I I feel betrayed.
Okay, first off, my dad is already taken, and since when is he even supposed to be a
threat to me. And girls listen i'm not saying i'm jealous or anything,but truth
is my dad isn't who you think he is.
He might put up this really nice image on camera, but in real life it's all fake.
And as a matter of fact he's quite heartless, like I'm his own son and he
barely loves me.
"Hey, I just wanted to say: you're pretty cool, Dad." "Don't bother."
You see, my whole life he never even once give me a single
compliment. Worse part is it feels like he loves malibu, our DOG, more than
he'll ever like me. "Turn! down, down!"
"Good doggy! Good!"
That's disgusting. She's not even from the same bloodline. Whatever. Oh and that's
not all
My dad is also a very lazy person. He spends most of his time watching these
asian dramas on the couch and and he even falls asleep watching them.
Yeah, and also he's not even close to being as manly as you think,
like when we asked to help with simple things like gardening, he gets all grumpy
because he's too afraid to get dirty.
Okay, that's the chair from our living room, and is he wearing Mom's hat? Oh my god.
What was he wearing? Oh, and speaking of clothes, I don't really understand his
sense of style
In fact, I think it's pretty terrible. Okay, so my dad wants me to give him my
opinion on shoes he wants to buy was hosted buy. Wait, are you serious?
What's wrong with it? But, what are those?
And contrary to what most people would believe, in the real life, my dad isn't
even that funny, like one thing he thinks it's really funny or cool is to imitate
how he thinks I act around my friends. Yo. what ya doing man,
you already know who it is.
I don't act like that. Anyway, I'm telling you I'm way cooler than him.
I hope this clears up some confusion that some of you girls were having. oh! it
feels so good to just finally let it out.
I mean thank you all so much for watching I'll see you all very soon. This is
Jeffrey Fever and I'm pressing the record button now.
"Are you talking about me?" "No, Dad, stop trying to be on camera."
"what?" "Stop!" "Hi!"
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Exposing My Dad

12795 Phân loại Sưu tầm
韓澐 đăng vào ngày 17/7/2016

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