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  • If you think that your business is completely protected from inbound cyber threats, think again.


  • A study released from the San Diego-based company CyberCatch reveals that more than 30% of U.S. small businesses have weaker security safeguards in place that can be exploited.

    一份由位於美國聖地牙哥的公司 CyberCatch 所發布的研究指出,超過 30% 的美國小型企業使用的資安措施較弱,有被突破的危險。

  • After scanning for vulnerabilities in more than 20,000 randomly selected U.S. small businesses, CyberCatch found that around 1/3 suffered from spoofing while 28 succumb to clickjacking.

    在掃瞄了隨機選取的超過二萬家美國小型企業的系統弱點後之後,CyberCatch 發現其中有 1/3 遭到了欺騙攻擊,而有 28% 受到了點擊劫持。

  • Spoofing occurs when a fake IP address is used to masquerade as an authorized device, with the goal of the tapping into a company's private system.

    欺騙攻擊是藉由將一個虛假的 IP 位置偽裝成獲得授權的裝置,來藉此入侵進公司的私人系統中。

  • A clickjacking attack is a technique used to persuade a user to click on something that looks benign in their browser, when they're actually clicking on something malicious.


  • So what can you do about it?


  • For starters, running anti-malware software on a network's computer is not enough.


  • A hacker could still break through with a phishing attack or another mechanism and access sensitive data.


  • Some of the best practices include identifying your vulnerable data.


  • Small businesses need to locate and identify their most valuable data and assets, keeping an inventory of their highest security needs.


  • Then implement prevention, detection, and response cybersecurity controls.


  • Test your security, run frequent tests of all your systems, which includes websites, software and web applications,

    測試你的安全環境、經常對所有的系統進測試,而這包括了網站、軟體與 Web 應用程式,

  • to locate any and all security vulnerabilities and patch them before cyber attacker finds them.


  • Frequent training. Train your staff and train them often.


  • According to Cyber Security Intelligence, 90% of security breaches are caused by human error.

    根據網路安全情報公司指出,90% 的安全性突破都是由人為疏失所導致的。

  • With these safeguards in place, businesses can be better positioned to fend off attacks coming their way and protect their and their customers' data.


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If you think that your business is completely protected from inbound cyber threats, think again.


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