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  • [What is leadership?]


  • Leadership, to me, is the ability to bring people together to achieve change.


  • [What is the most surprising thing you have learnt about leadership?


  • The most surprising thing I've learnt about leadership is that it takes time.


  • It isn't a single act, it isn't making a statement, but it's about patiently working through the issues and bringing people with you.


  • [What is your top tip for leaders of the future?]


  • Really listen to people and demonstrate that you can hear the issues they're talking about and the... the sense of urgency or concern they have in their voices.


  • I've learnt over the years that the only good leaders are those that understand the colleagues around them,


  • and are able to channel and influence the passions and ideas and priorities that different people have, and the only way you can do that is by listening.


  • [What is the biggest challenge for any leader?]


  • I think the biggest challenge for any leader is staying true to your purpose.


  • Different challenges, different problems, different voices speaking to you and listening to you, and remembering why you got into it.


  • Staying focused on your values, but also staying in touch with those people around you.


  • Sometimes, on a busy day, that can feel like a luxury.


  • I think it's a basic part of leadership.


[What is leadership?]



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什麼是領導力?身為領導者應該做到哪些事情呢?(Bringing people together for change: Andrew Pakes)

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